Terms and Conditions

To help you, here is a brief summary of our terms and conditions:-
Glex markets to both individuals and companies- The platform is accessible once a process is contracted- You can purchase as many services as you wish from the platform, or choose to only use the information on the platform.

Note: This summary does not affect our terms and conditions, and is provided solely to assist your understanding. The following terms and conditions are binding and should be read carefully and you should print or download a copy of these terms and conditions and the correct withdrawal information for future reference.

This is a legal contract that binds GLOBAL EXPATS SL, hereinafter "GLEX", and you as a user. By clicking "I Agree", or by registering on the Site, or by accessing or using the Services, you are agreeing to these "Terms and Conditions of Service", and you agree to be bound by them, which are detailed below. Please read this Agreement carefully and do not register or use the Services if you are unwilling or unable to comply with or manage yourself by this Agreement. Please review these Terms of Service carefully and also review our Privacy Policy, which explains how our Services treat personal data and protect your privacy and security. By accessing our Services, you agree to these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review these Terms of Service periodically as they may be updated by GLEX at any time without notice. You may view the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time at WWW.GLEXVISA.COM or WWW.APP.GLEXVISA.COM The most current version of the Terms will govern and supersede all previous versions. The User must be of legal age in his/her place of residence in order to validly participate in this agreement or must have the authorization of his/her parents/legal guardians.

Start of the service
The service of "automation of documentation and recruitment of professionals for migration issues" for the User starts at the moment he/she accepts the terms of service and subscribes or tries the site. Both options require the User to enter his/her personal and professional information, a valid e-mail address that will serve as user name, and a password defined by him/her in a personalized way. The User can enter the system through the Login page.

System description
The features of the system are the following:
● Management of personal documentation to request immigration procedures.
● Hiring health insurance.
● Hiring a professional to perform the procedure.
● Upload personal documentation for subsequent analysis by a professional.
● Contact the professional indicated for the user's needs.
● Make payments through the platform.
● Manage immigration consultations with experts.

GLEX is committed to the continuous improvement of the system, so it can continually add or modify features.

Cost and collection policies
The User may test the system free of charge, with the limitations described above. In order to have access to any of the services offered by GLEX on the platform, you must pay the amount described, using any of the electronic means of online payment available on our site. Said amount will entitle you to carry out the procedure or contract the service/product described. GLEX may vary the offers and prices of the services/products in the future. The accreditation of payments is made once the online payment methods credit the payments in GLEX's bank account, which take approximately 48 hours, except for payments made through credit cards that are credited immediately.

User notifications
GLEX uses two main mechanisms to communicate with its users. The "Home" screen when entering the System, has a dedicated space to inform the User of the main news of the System. User's e-mail address. It is essential that the User maintains a valid and functional e-mail address registered in the System. In addition, the User is required to periodically check his/her messages in order to receive and respond to GLEX notifications.

User obligations with the password
The password is the key with which the User enters the System, so it represents the most important element to protect. GLEX implements several security measures to meet this objective. The password is stored in encrypted form in our servers; the User has the option to change the password as many times as he/she wishes. There is a procedure to recover the password in case the User forgets it, through his/her personalized e-mail. Likewise, recommendations are provided to the User to create, protect and manage his password in a safe way. However, all these security measures are ineffective if the User does not make proper use of his password to protect it. Therefore, it is the User's responsibility to create, manage and protect his/her password correctly. GLEX is not responsible for any negative consequences that the User may suffer as a result of a voluntary or involuntary mishandling of his/her password.

Obligations to use
The User agrees to use the System only for his/her personal practice in the immigration area. The use of the system for any other type of activity is strictly prohibited. By using the Service, the User agrees to provide true, correct, updated, and complete information about himself/herself as required in the Service's registration form, as well as to keep his/her personal information updated, and is responsible for all content, information, data and/or other information that he/she registers and/or transmits through our Services, and therefore agrees to evaluate and assume all risks associated with his/her communication, as well as to use the system's resources appropriately, in terms of space and electronic messaging. GLEX may monitor the use of the system to identify any type of fraudulent activity that does not correspond to its legitimate use. GLEX may record information useful to investigate any anomaly. In the event that any irregularity on the part of the User is reasonably ascertained, GLEX shall have the right to deactivate or cancel your service immediately, without any liability on its part.

Duration of the agreement
This agreement is for an indefinite term until cancellation of the service (described in the "Cancellation of Service" section) executed by either party.

Modification of the agreement
GLEX may modify all or part of this Agreement, including the applicable costs and fees. Any modification will be communicated to the User through the website and by e-mail. Use by the User shall be deemed tacit acceptance of the new terms and conditions, which shall henceforth govern between the parties.

Cancellation of service
The user may cancel the service at any time. However, in those cases where the service has already been requested, and the provider has incurred expenses, the value of those expenses cannot be refunded to the User. To cancel the service, the User must send a request by email to info@glexvisa.com. Es requesting the cancellation of the service. The User must also specify the reason for the cancellation of the service. Upon registration of the service cancellation request, the service will be terminated and the User will not be able to log in to the system again. For its part, GLEX may deactivate or cancel a User's account at any time, without any liability on its part, when in its sole discretion, it reasonably ascertains that the User has breached any guidelines defined in this agreement. To that effect, GLEX will give notice to the User through the Site and email, informing the User of the reasons for the cancellation of the service, and GLEX may deactivate or cancel a User's account at any time, without any liability on its part, by giving prior notice to the User at least 3 WEEKS prior to the effective date of deactivation or cancellation, through the Site and email.

The User shall be responsible for the payment of any taxes applicable to the service contracted herein. The foregoing regardless of whether GLEX does not collect or collect the applicable taxes at the time of providing and/or charging for the services agreed herein. Excluded from the foregoing obligation are the taxes that GLEX is required to pay due to the nature of its activity.

Limitation of liability
GLEX is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may result from the accuracy, truthfulness or completeness of the information or articles contained herein, or the use that may be made of them. GLEX does not warrant or represent that the Service will be uninterrupted, error-free, or completely secure. GLEX provides the Service "as is", "with all faults" and "as available". GLEX makes no warranty as to the accuracy or timeliness of any information that may be provided by the Service. GLEX excludes all implied warranties, including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, professional competence and non-infringement.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless GLEX and its affiliates, and each of their officers, directors, agents, partners, shareholders and employees from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, injuries, fines, claims and expenses (including reasonable legal fees), punitive or exemplary damages, interest of any kind claimed by any third party based on any legal liability claim arising out of, arising out of or relating to the Service; including, without limitation, those claims that refer to or allege that the content of the Information entered by the User in the System violates or infringes current legal provisions regarding intellectual property or third party rights. Neither party shall be liable to the other for any indirect, special, incidental or punitive losses or damages of any kind, or for damages that could have been avoided by the use of reasonable diligence, arising in connection with the terms of use of the Service, even if the party has been advised or should have been aware of the possibility of such damages.

Force majeure
GLEX shall not be in breach of this Agreement in the event of a failure or occurrence of a fault beyond its scope and ability to control, including but not limited to power failures, Internet network failures, network service provider failures, natural disasters, war, terrorist acts or activities, insurgency, epidemic, strikes, work stoppages or any other organized labor activity, or for any other type of event for which it is not customary in the industry to take precautions in this regard.

These terms and conditions described herein contain the entire terms of the Agreement between User and GLEX. No other oral or written statements (including statements in brochures or advertising published by GLEX) shall be incorporated herein.

Property rights
User agrees that the Service and any necessary software used in connection with the Service contains code and confidential information that is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws. Except as expressly authorized by GLEX, you may not modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works, in whole or in part, from the Service or any such software. GLEX grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive right and license to use the object code of its Software on any device; provided that you, or another person with your assistance, do not copy, modify, make a derivative work, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or otherwise attempt to discover any of the configuration code, sell, assign, sublease, grant a security interest in and/or otherwise transfer any rights in the Software. The User agrees not to modify the software in any way or use modified versions of the software, including but not limited to for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the Service. The User agrees not to access the Service by any means other than through the interfaces provided by GLEX for use in accessing the Service.

Other stipulations
The relationship between the User and GLEX is commercial and under an independent intermediary scheme. In no event shall this represent an end obligation on the part of GLEX. At no time shall GLEX or User hold itself out as a representative, partnership party or other relationship not contemplated by these terms. The failure of either party to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of that party's rights under this Agreement. User may not transfer or assign its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of GLEX. For its part, GLEX may assign and/or transfer its rights and/or obligations under this Agreement without requiring User's consent.

The bases of promotions, contests or sweepstakes shall be subject to special conditions. They will be governed by these terms and conditions where applicable and their own terms and conditions. If you are part of any promotion, sweepstakes or contest at this time, follow the link below and from Glex we hope that you will be the one who wins!