Portada visado búsqueda de empleo

Job search visa

The residence authorization to search for employment or start a business project can be requested by foreigners who have been holders of a previous authorization to stay for studies and who have completed their studies at an authorized higher education institution in Spain.

With this authorization they may remain in Spain for a maximum and non-extendable period of twenty-four months in order to seek suitable employment in relation to the level of studies completed or to undertake a business project.

Some requirements of this visa are:
· Not being a citizen of a State of the European Union

· Not being prohibited from entering Spain

· Having no criminal record

· Not suffering from any of the diseases that may have serious public health repercussions in accordance with the provisions of the 2005 International Health Regulations.

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Trámite prorroga de estudios

Extension of studies

Trámite autorización de residencia para prácticas

Professional intership visa

Trámite autorización inicial de residencia y trabajo de profesionales altamente cualificados

Highly qualified visa

Imagen visa de estudiantes

Student visa