Portada visado altamente cualificado

Digital Nomad

The visa for digital nomads is a residence permit that can be extended for a total of 5 years and that will allow non-EU citizens (from outside the European Union) to live and work remotely from Spain (exercising activities as a digital nomad).

Finally, foreigners who want to move to Spain and continue working for a company abroad, or who have clients all over the world, will find a residence permit that perfectly suits their needs (instead of having to end up applying for a non-profit visa that does not, in fact, allow them to work).‍
There are two ways to request it:

1.- You can apply directly from Spain with a tourist visa, directly obtaining the 3-year card.

2.- You can get a 1-year visa from your country of origin (at the consulate) to be able to enter Spain and later modify this 3-year card.

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