What can't be missing in your suitcase when you emigrate?

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Nobody warns you that when you decide to emigrate you have to pack your whole life in one or two suitcases. We know that deciding what to take and what not to take can be a very overwhelming process. That's why here are the basics that you can not miss


1. Documents: ID and passport are your greatest treasures in this adventure, be very careful with them and carry them everywhere. Depending on the destination and the reasons for which you are going; you will need a visa (contact us and find out the conditions), driving license and professional title, among others.

2. Money: Although it is easiest to travel only with credit cards, we recommend that you carry some money in the currency of the destination country in case of any situation.

3. Clothing and personal items: You don't need to carry your entire closet, choose your favorite clothes that go with everything and in which you feel comfortable. Research the climate of the place you are going to, so you don't take clothes just in case. Don't forget your favorite perfume and lotion.‍

4. Cell phone: Make sure it is unlocked and compatible with any company, so you can insert a new SIM card without any problem.

5. Power adapter: Depending on the country you are going to, you may need to bring some plug adapters. Research the type of plug on the internet and don't leave without it.

6. Major medical insurance: In most places it is mandatory for migrants to have private insurance to cover them in case of any emergency. Contract it with us.‍‍‍‍‍‍.

With your suitcase ready, it's time to start your new life. Remember that if you have any questions, Glex is here to help you.

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