What are domestic partnerships?

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Have you heard about the existence of domestic partnerships? This particular "civil status" in Spain has attracted attention for being an intermediate between marriage and courtship. In this blog post we will explain what it is, what common-law couples are entitled to, and all the details you want to know. Read on!

Domestic partnerships are those affective bonds between two people (of the same or different sex) which develop from a daily coexistence, with temporary but solid duration, stable, publicly exposed and where they have an interest in forming a family but have not married.

This is not a civil status per se in Spain, but 14 of the 17 autonomous communities have laws that regulate the activity of those involved, assign obligations and protect their rights.

In case you wish to form a domestic partnership, you must: ‍
- Be of legal age.
- Not be related or have a direct family relationship with the partner.
- Not be married.
- Prove a minimum period of cohabitation of one to two years.
- To be registered in the Registry of each autonomous community.

How to register in the registry of unmarried couples?
The process depends on each autonomous community, but most of the time it is necessary to present the following documentation:

- DNI or official identification.
- Family book of both.
- Document that accredits the single status of those involved.
- Document that proves that they have been together for at least one year.
- Registration form duly filled out (each community has a specific one).
- Payment of the corresponding fee.

You can consult this page for information specific to each community.

Do domestic partners have rights?

Of course! We list them below:
- Right to adopt children.
- Parental rights of children in common.
- Right to a widow's or widower's pension.
- Right to the rental property (in case the owner dies).

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