How much does it cost to live in Granada?

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Living in Granada has many advantages, among them, the beautiful views and landscapes that surround it, its cultural importance and the flamenco music that envelops the streets, but, in addition to all this Granada is a very affordable city to live in. This is because although it is an important city in Spain, it is generally not the first tourist destination, like Barcelona or Madrid, which makes the prices to live here a little lower. It is also influenced by the fact that it is an important university city, since the prestigious University of Granada is located here.

With this it is clear that it is a great option for living, but to add a little more excitement: living in Granada is approximately 10% cheaper than living in Madrid, and even up to 34% more affordable than London.


Of course, depending on the area (whether it is more central or if it is located on the outskirts of the city) and the size, renting an apartment costs around 400-500 euros per month.

As for electricity, water and gas services, it is important to ask the landlord if any of these are included within the rent, if not, they should be taken into account in the month's expenses, which also does not presuppose a large sum: the approximate cost is about 75 euros, in an apartment of 45 square meters and in a two-bedroom flat you can expect to pay approximately 120 euros.

A detail to take into account is the climate of Granada, to consider the increase in bills for air conditioning in the warmer months and heating in the colder months.

Regarding internet, the price is around 35-40 euros per month (and we know that it is one of the first things we need to install to survive in these technological times).


Getting around the city of Granada is quite accessible, first of all because you can easily walk to various points of the city, and there are several transportation options.

The cost of a bus ticket is 1.41 Euros per trip. There are also other payment alternatives, such as the monthly pass that costs 48.86 Euros, or the bonobus, where you can pay 5-10 Euros and when you swipe the card you will be charged 0.85 Euros per trip.

Cabs do not charge very expensive either, the flag down is 2.40 euros, adding 0.86 euros approx. per kilometer traveled. If you hire the service by the hour, you can pay 23.80 euros every sixty minutes. Most trips cost between 5 and 10 euros.

Filling up with gas in this part of Andalusia costs about the same as in other parts of the country, with a liter of gasoline costing around 1.19 €.


Eating in the city of Granada is quite inexpensive, whether you go out to a restaurant or do the shopping to cook for yourself.

First of all, one of Granada's charms is its famous tapas, which come free with the purchase of your drinks (either wine or beer). For this tradition you can expect to spend between 2.10- 3.00 euros per drink and tapa.

A lunch in a cheap restaurant can be paid for with 8,70 euros approx., while a better category one would cost approximately 14,83 euros. A three-course meal in a more expensive restaurant can cost up to 40 euros, in case you want to treat yourself one day.  

There are also menus of the day, which include 3 courses and a drink for approximately 11 euros.

For morning coffee and a sweet bread, the price is about 2.30 euros.

A cocktail at a bar costs around 7 Euros, and beers are generally around 2.55 Euros (be prepared to spend a little more than that because in Granada you party until dawn).

For supermarket shopping, the figure comes to about 126 Euros a month for a single person. If you want to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the market, approximately every week you could spend between 5 and 10 euros.

Other Expenses

A ticket to the cinema costs between 6 and 7 Euros, except on Wednesdays, when the price is 5 Euros.

A monthly pass to a gym, with modern equipment and well located, has an average cost of 42 €.

A twelve-pack of antibiotics costs around 4.85 €; treating a cold for six days costs 5.15 €. All things considered, on average, the cost of living in Grenada for a single person is between 750 and 840 € per month.

We took this useful table from , where we found very interesting information on living costs in Grenada, including a list of prices of general products.

Finally, in this page: we can find another list with the price of the most common products, as well as leisure and entertainment activities, to give us a more detailed idea and compare the differences.

Granada is an excellent place to live, for its life and movement, its food, its streets and landscapes and, mainly, for being a very affordable city.

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