What you need to know to apply for a residency for professional internships in Spain

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If you want to extend your stay in Spain with this authorization, you should know the following information:

Who can apply?
The company or the entity hosting the internship, not the foreign student.

What must the foreign student provide in order to apply?

1. The agreement linked to the company:

That the foreign student has been admitted for an internship based on the signing of an internship agreement with a host entity, which provides for theoretical and practical training. The internship agreement shall contain, at least:
- A description of the internship program, including the educational objective or components of the internship.
- The duration of the internship.
- The conditions of the internship and its supervision.
- The hours of the internship.
- The legal relationship between the intern and the host entity.

2. Work contract assumption: that the applicant entity offers an internship contract to the student for a minimum of 6 months. A descriptive report of the internship program, the duration of the internship within the working hours, the legal relationship between the entity and the person must also be provided.

3. That the foreigner has obtained a higher education degree in the two years prior to the date of application or is pursuing studies leading to a higher education degree. (Final certificate of master's degree, doctorate or higher studies, as satisfactorily passed).‍.

4. That the internship is in the same academic field and at the same level of qualification as the higher education degree or study program referred to.

5. That the foreigner will have health insurance (with a Spanish entity) and sufficient resources during his/her residence.‍

6. Certificate of criminal record duly apostilled and translated if applicable.  

‍7. That, if applicable, the foreigner is regularly in Spanish territory.

8. In those cases in which the foreigner is linked to the host entity by means of an internship contract, the national employment situation shall not apply. Without prejudice to being subject to the regulations specific to internships, this contract shall contain, at least, the content provided for in this article for the agreement.

9. Full passport of the foreigner.‍

10. NIE of the foreigner.

1‍1. Updated census registration certificate of the foreigner.

 What must the company provide?
The following documents must also be provided:
- CIF of the company.
- Power of attorney in favor of the person contracting.‍

Particular details about the company's information can always be consulted with us. ‍

Remember that you can Contact Us  to learn more about the required documentation and the application process.

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