The cheapest and most expensive cities to study in Spain

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When a student wishes to complement his or her professional or academic experience by taking a course in Spain (or any other country abroad), there are many factors that play a role in the choice of destination: the language, the activities, the location... Without a doubt, one of the most relevant factors is the economic one.

If you have ever had any doubts about the cost of living in the different cities of Spain, keep reading! We will explain you which are the cheapest and the most expensive cities in Spain. ‍

Below, we present you a comparative table where we confront aspects such as the cost of rent, food, transportation and leisure and entertainment expenses of the most popular cities in Spain.

1. Madrid

- Rent: 400 euros

- Food: 45 euros

- Transportation: 53 euros

- Leisure and entertainment: 65 euros

2. Barcelona
- Rent: 450 euros
- Food: 40 euros
- Transportation: 41 euros
- Leisure and entertainment: 55 euros‍

3. Zaragoza
- Rent: 273 euros
- Food: 38 euros
- Transportation: 40 euros
- Leisure and entertainment: 50 euros‍ 4.

4. Seville
- Rent: 272 euros
- Food: 25 euros
- Transportation: 33 euros
- Leisure and entertainment: 40 euros

5. Granada
- Rent: 197 euros
- Food: 30 euros
- Transportation: 39 euros
- Leisure and entertainment: 44 euros

The prices presented in the table above refer to the monthly expenses of a single person. It is important to mention that these amounts are approximate and may change at any time. Some rooms or apartments for rent for university students already include expenses such as internet, electricity or water, so it will be important that you investigate how to pay for these services in your accommodation.

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