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If you have come this far, it is because you are thinking of staying in Spain and you still don't know how.
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If you have come this far, it is because you are thinking of staying in Spain and you still don't know how.

If you have come this far, it is because you are thinking of staying in Spain and you still do not know how to do it. The good thing is that with the so-called law of entrepreneurs you have new mechanisms to stay in Spain.

In this law you will be allowed to stay in Spain through two ways, the first one is either self-employed or employed. To be better understood, in the first case it is when you create a company. In the second case, it is when an employer decides to hire you through an internship contract."‍"When you make this change, from the moment your new visa begins to apply, it would start to count towards the possibility of applying for a permanent residency in the future."‍

Internship contract

In case you are doing an internship or you get an internship, but your visa is about to expire, this is your best alternative!!!"The company will not have to spend a lot of money on contracts and you will not have to go back to your country!"The most important thing is that this must be done in conjunction with the company that intends to hire you under the internship contract!"‍

Steps to follow

We recommend you to hire an immigration lawyer or choose our internship visa package where we will help you with your change in your immigration status, going from student visa, to resident for skilled worker, it means that this period will count for your future residency by arraigo.‍

Personal requirements:

Full passport (valid).
Degree or academic certificate issued by a Spanish university (official or own) or from abroad that has been completed at least two years ago.
Medical insurance. The insurance must be contracted for one year and must be issued by a Spanish insurance company: (No co-payments and no deductibles).
Repatriation policyEconomic solvency.
Criminal record. Only in the case of not having a study permit for a stay of more than 6 months.‍

Company requirements:

Internship agreement / Employment contract:Part-time or full-time contract.
Contract time from 6 months to 2 years.
The internship must be related to the studies carried out.
The salary cannot be less than the SMI. (Minimum Interprofessional Wage).
NIF of the company.
Last four VAT / corporate tax / VILE declarations of the company.
Certificate of being up to date with Social Security payments.
Certificate of being up to date with payments to the Treasury.
Descriptive report of the job and the functions to be performed.

Self-employed, as an entrepreneur

Who can apply?
Foreigners from outside the EU who are going to develop an innovative entrepreneurial activity of special economic interest for Spain.

How to apply?
If they are outside Spain, they must apply for a residence visa for one year for the sole or main purpose of carrying out the preliminary procedures to be able to carry out the entrepreneurial activity.
If they are in Spain, i.e. they have an authorization of stay, or residence or entrepreneur's visa, they must apply for an express authorization of residence for entrepreneurs for two renewable years that enables them to develop an economic activity as an entrepreneur.

Where should it be applied for?
In the case of visas, they must be applied for at the Spanish Consulate in the country of origin or residence, and in the case of residence authorizations, they must be applied for at the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit.

What documents must be presented?
General documents:
Identity card or passport.
Public or private health insurance with an entity operating in Spain.
Certificate of criminal record.
Proof of sufficient economic means for themselves and their family members during their period of residence in Spain.

Specific requirements:
Prior to the application for the visa or authorization, a favorable report on the entrepreneurial and business activity to be carried out in Spain is required.‍

Where is the favorable report obtained?
For visas, the report of interest in entrepreneurial activity must be requested at the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in the area of the geographical demarcation where the visa is requested.

For residence authorizations, the entrepreneurial activity report must be requested at the Directorate General for Trade and Investment.

What is an entrepreneurial activity of economic interest for Spain?

Those business and/or entrepreneurial activities that involve the creation of jobs and/or have an innovative character for Spain, and/or involve investment for Spain.

What must be submitted to request this report?
The business plan of the project, in particular: the professional profile of the applicant, the activity to be developed, how many jobs will be created, the characteristics and qualifications required for each one of them, where the project will be developed (geographical area) and how much the investment involves.

What additional benefits does this visa bring?
The residence authorization allows to reside and work and is valid throughout the national territory.
Joint processing of the authorization of the spouse and children.
The National Employment Situation does not apply.
Streamlined processing: Visas resolved and notified in 10 working days. Residence authorizations resolved in 20 days.
All residence authorization procedures are centralized in a single window: Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit.

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