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In recent years, the idea of being a "digital nomad" has grown in acceptance. A digital nomad is a person with the freedom to work remotely while maintaining contact with their employer, clients and co-workers through technology. Spain is a place increasingly appreciated by digital nomads due to its impressive cities, extensive cultural heritage and top-notch infrastructure.

Nómada digital

Spain offers many options for digital nomads looking for a place to work. Most major cities, such as Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, have coworking spaces and shared offices. These places offer a professional and efficient work environment, and many also offer additional benefits such as fast Internet, printing resources and networking opportunities.

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Spain offers excellent accommodation alternatives, both for long and short stays. Reasonably priced apartments and rooms for rent abound in the main cities, many of them furnished and with all the necessary amenities. Many other vacation rental properties, such as apartments, villas and houses, are also available for those who want a more flexible option.

When you're not working, Spain is a great destination to explore. The country is home to numerous picturesque beaches, quaint villages and ancient cities. There is always something new to explore, from the beaches of the Costa del Sol to the ruins of the historic Roman city of Tarragona. Spain is famous for its gastronomy, wines and festivals. In the country there is something for everyone, from paella to the classic tapas.‍

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