How to revalidate my degree in Spain

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In the process of starting your academic year in Spain you are asked for your homologated Bachelor's degree but you don't know what that is? We have taken on the task of elaborating a guide on the homologation of degrees, read on and find out how easy it is!

Before we go into the homologation process, we will have to clarify some things such as, what is a homologation? This is the recognition of a degree obtained in a foreign educational institution, in order to validate it in the Spanish educational system and be able to continue with your studies at the next academic level.

All students with a degree from a non-Spanish university must have their Bachelor's degree homologated in order to enter graduate studies. This process can be done in Spain in two ways: through the website of the Ministry of Education and Science or in person. For both ways of the process, you must submit the following documentation:

- Certified copy of your official identification. ‍
- Apostilled degree from the Secretaría de Gobernación in Mexico.
‍- Certified copy of your Bachelor's degree.‍
- Certification of completed studies.‍
- Payment of the fee (fee imposed by the Spanish government for the issuance of the procedure).‍
- Plan of studies stipulating the subjects taken and the hours they involved.

If you wish to carry out the homologation from Mexico, you must submit all these documents to the Spanish Consulate. If you are already in Spain, you must upload the documents to the online platform Sede Electrónica of the Ministry of Education and Science. If, on the other hand, you wish to do it in person, then you must download the application form, fill it out and submit it (together with the documents listed above) at any office of the General State Administration or of the Autonomous Community where you reside.

This process takes between 6 and 14 months so you will need to be patient and schedule your activities very well and have everything ready before leaving for Spain. At Glex we are very excited to help you achieve all your goals and dreams! Contact us

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