How to start working in Spain

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If you are thinking of starting to work in Spanish territory, it is essential that you take into account some points to make this possible.

First of all, you must obtain a Social Security number.

This number will identify you in your dealings with the Social Security, which is the public system of protection against illness, disability, unemployment, old age, accidents at work, maternity or loss of a breadwinner.

Obtaining your Social Security number is a prior and necessary step to be able to apply for registration with the Social Security, which is what really allows the start of an employment activity.

If you are going to work as an employee, it is the company or the employer who must register you in the general Social Security regime

- If you are going to work as a self-employed person, it is you who must apply for registration in the special regime for self-employed workers (RETA) of the Social Security. In addition, if you are going to work on your own account, you must register or register in the census of businessmen, professionals and withholders of the Tax Agency.

You can obtain your Social Security registration in person, by going to the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of the Social Security in person or at the Social Security administration, or telematically at the electronic office if you have a digital certificate.Below, we will only explain the procedure for registering with the Social Security in the special regime for self-employed workers (RETA).TELEMATIC APPLICATION:

1. Obtain the digital certificate

.‍2. Request the Social Security number.

3. Access the Social Security electronic headquarters.

4. Select the option "REGISTER IN SELF-EMPLOYMENT" and follow the instructions of the procedure.

5. Fill in the application form (TA.0521), attach the required documentation and obtain the registration.APPLICATION IN PERSON:

1. Request your Social Security number.

2. Go to a Social Security office, fill in the application form, attach the required documentation and obtain the registration.What requirements must be met?Not having previously obtained a Social Security number in Spain.How long does it remain valid?It does not expire.

Who can apply?

All citizens who wish to start a professional activity, whether self-employed or employed, must be registered with the Social Security. The person responsible for making the application is not the same if it is a self-employment or an employed activity. The application may be made by:- The citizen himself/herself, in the case of self-employment.‍ The employer, in the case of employment for others.‍ The person responsible for the application is not the same in the case of self-employment or employment for others.

What documentation must be attached to the application?

For the processing in person, it is necessary to submit:

1. Application form, signed by the interested person.

2. Identification document (foreigner's card or passport).

3. In the case of requesting the registration for self-employed: documentation proving the registration in the Tax Agency.

What is the deadline for the resolution of the application?

The registration in the Social Security is done at the same time of the application.

What is the cost of the application?

The application is free.‍

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