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When do I need a student visa in Spain?

For stays exceeding 90 days for studies, training, internships, or volunteer work. This visa may also be issued for au pairs and teaching assistants (auxiliares de conversación).

Those studying in Spain for less than 90 days do not need a student visa. Depending on the applicant's nationality, a short-stay visa may be required.

Which activities merit a Student Visa in Spain

- Full-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) studies at an accredited school or educational center that will result in a degree, diploma, or certificate
- Doctoral studiesTraining activitiesSecondary school (middle or high school) exchange programs with an accredited school or scientific center.
- Internships or traineeships at public or private entities that do not qualify for an internship visa
- Volunteer services for programs working in areas of general and/or public interest
- “Au pair" programsTeaching assistants

Which are the required documents for the student visa in Spain?

1. Visa application form
2. Photograph
3. Valid, unexpired passport
4. Proof of acceptance for the study, training or volunteer activity or internship
5. Proof of financial means
6. Health insurance
7. Criminal record check certificate
8. Medical certificate
9. Payment of the visa fee
10. Proof of residence in the consular district

Which schools have english masters?

To mention some of them:

EAE Business School
INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School
CEI International Affairs
EU Business School
IED Barcelona European Institute of Design
Global Business School Barcelona
Geneva Business School in Barcelona
Barcelona School of Management
TBS Barcelona
ESEI International Business School Barcelona
Unisport Management School
ESADE Business School
Barcelona School of Economics
BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School
Neuroscience Business School
SBS Swiss Business School Barcelona
MIA Digital University
CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
EADA Business School Barcelona
BAU Centro Universitario de Artes y Diseño de Barcelona

Can family members  obtain a visa to accompany the student?

Yes ! Spouse or civil partner and children who are minors or have a disability may obtain one.
Important: Visas for students' family members do not constitute a work permit.

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Frequently asked questions

❓Planning to go to Spain... but don't know where to start?

First, figure out WHAT you want to do there: study, work, or simply vacation. Based on that, there are different visas you can apply for that suit your needs.

❓Can I enter as a tourist and then apply for residency?

Absolutely! Depending on your country of origin, you can kickstart your journey legally in Spain while on a tourist visa.

❓What's the fastest and easiest way to go to Spain?

Every case is unique, but if you want to know the best immigration option based on your profile (work experience, education, language proficiency, family situation, etc.), we recommend getting a personalized immigration assessment. It's cost-effective and tailored to your needs, providing insights into the ideal visa programs you can qualify for.

❓Dreaming of studying in Spain? Where do I begin?

Start by asking yourself what you want to study: languages, a master's degree, a bachelor's degree, etc. Many people use studying as a bridge to migrate, considering the benefits it offers. If you're studying at a recognized university or educational institution, you may obtain a work permit for yourself and even your partner, depending on the visa type obtained.
If you're studying a language like Spanish, WORK PERMITS are not granted.

❓What's the difference between a "Máster Propio" and an "official master's degree"?

An "official master's degree" is a regulated program approved by the State, meeting the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). On the other hand, a "Máster Propio" is a postgraduate program designed by the institution itself, focusing on specialized training in a specific field.

❓How long does it take to get a student visa once I apply?

Processing times for student visas vary, but it typically takes around 7-10 weeks. Check the consulate's website for the latest processing time updates. Consider local and Spanish holidays that may affect processing. Remember to have a valid passport and plan for any upcoming international travel.

❓ What documents can I use as "proof of financial means" for my visa application?

To satisfy the consulate's requirement for "proof of financial means," you have several options. One of them is providing the original Letter to the Visa Officer from Spanish Studies Abroad, which confirms your payment of all fees as a student.For specific guidelines on meeting this requirement, make sure to check the consulate's website. They will provide detailed information on the acceptable documents and procedures.